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Hayley from Paramore tweets her teets

Well, fans of Paramore got a little more than they expected last week when they got a link to a photo of Hayley topless on her Twitter account. She claims her account was hacked but accidents happen and this was the type of accident that Angry Web likes. Click HERE to see the NSFW image.

Soul Calibur 4…the tale of souls and swords eternally retold — now online.

So I’ve been waiting for SC4 for a while. I’m not expecting much difference from the last iteration, besides the major bug fixes so don’t expect too much for new functions; it’s a fighting game. You can’t really change much without totally revamping the formula and ruining the core game experience (See: Street Fighter EX). …

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The rated R trailer for the upcoming film “Choke” (NSFW)

From the author that brought you “Fight Club”, “Choke” is Chuck Palahniuk’s latest novel to film adaptation. Now I have read “Choke” and I would have never thought that the raunchiness of the novel could have been successfully moved onto the bigscreen…until I saw the trailer. The trailer has everything from nudity to foul language …

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