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Bruce Wayne replies to Lucius Fox in new viral message

More viral messages from the Mountain Dew campaign have presented themselves in this message from Bruce Wayne to Lucius Fox. The original letter from Lucius read as follows: Dear Bruce, I hope this letter finds you well.  Although I would have liked to have had this conversation with you personally, Alfred tells me I am …

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“The Dark Knight Rises” viral begins this Friday!

“The Dark Knight” introduced one of the most engaging and memorable viral marketing campaigns that kept die-hard fans on the edge of their seats for months leading up to its release. With “The Dark Knight Rises” coming out next summer, fans were eagerly waiting to see how the marketing for this next installment would top …

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“Battlefield 3” single-player campaign screens

Ripped from the gripping single-player campaign, these brand new screens from Battlefield 3 showcase the power of the Frostbite 2 engine and what awaits gamers on October 25th in North America.

Remembering “The Dark Knight” viral campaign

With the new campaign rolling out for “The Dark Knight Rises”, I went back into the ole’ Angry Web archives and pulled up some images and files that remind us how great the viral marketing was for “The Dark Knight”. As a huge fan of the franchise, I was but a mere geek among geeks …

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