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“Star Wars: Rebels” to Premier on Disney XD Fall 2014

Disney has announced that they will be bringing “Star Wars” to TV as an animated series in Fall of 2014. The series will kick off with a 1 hour special on The Disney Channel followed by the regular series on Disney XD. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm said: I couldn’t be more excited to explore …

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“Gotham City Impostors” animated short

“Watchmen” mini review…and had it been a Saturday morning cartoon

Oh, and…HEY, Watchmen just started playing in theaters a couple hours ago!  Seeing as I was there and it’s now 3:30 in the frickin’ morning, how about a mini-review? Okay, here goes – It was brilliantly crafted and one of the most spellbinding 2 hrs and 43 minutes of my life.  But hold on a …

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“The Real Ghostbusters” DVD announced at Comic Con 2008

If you are like me and grew up watching “The Real Ghostbusters,” this news may very well excite you. A Time Life press release gives the details: Charge up your Proton Packs and get the P.K.E. Meter running! One of the most popular animated series in television history to spin off from a major motion …

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