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Christian Bale visits victims of Aurora, CO. shooting

With the surviving victims of last Friday’s shooting in Aurora Colorado still healing in the hospital, the were surprised today when The Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale, went to pay them a visit. In the photo with Bale is Carey Rottman who was shot in the leg by the suspect and transported to the hospital in …

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The making of “Batman: Arkham City”

A small shout out to everyone who loves the awesome concept art that brings games to life, it seems that some of the concept art for Batman: Arkham City is now out, if you would like you can check it out here. There are about 9 new concept art shots that are sure to make …

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AW Movie Review: “Terminator Salvation”

I came into this movie with fairly high expectations and I certainly felt justified in feeling so. After all, with 2 hugely successful films in the “Terminator” archives being trampled over by a third subpar sequel, why add to the mess unless you’re going to pull a “Batman Begins” and completely restore as well as …

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Bale comments on Ledger, “The Dark Knight”, and “Batman 3”

Christian Bale has spoken to Total Film regarding Heath Ledger’s Oscar win, The Dark Knight and its follow-up sequel: “Heath winning Best Supporting Actor was fantastic. I had dinner with his family a couple of nights before the awards and liked very much they were the people who were picking it up for him. Of …

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New “Terminator: Salvation” Poster

I don’t know about robots with machine guns in tattered clothing but this movie is definitely getting a lot of hype and that makes me pretty excited. I’m especially looking forward to the part where Christian Bale starts cussing uncontrollably and then completely demolishes the camera guy. And then they remix the whole thing into …

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Sam Worthington to replace Bale in the next Batman film?

According to news.com.au, Sam Worthington is rumored to be playing the role of Batman in the next installment of the Nolan franchise. The website said: Industry gossip now suggests the rising Australian star could score the part of Batman in the third instalment of the successful prequel franchise. That could mean replacing Bale, his Terminator …

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