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Hans Zimmer composes song for Aurora CO. victims

We reported last week that Christian Bale had visited the victims of the Aurora Colorado shooting in the hospital and now the composer of “The Dark Knight” trilogy is doing his part to help those wounded from the tragedy. Hans Zimmer has released a song that he has titled “Aurora”. The 8 and a half …

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Christopher Nolan releases statement on Aurora shooting

If you aren’t aware of the situation already, you may have been living under a rock. We here at Angry Web try to bring you light hearted articles so we won’t be going into the details surrounding the shooting in Aurora, CO. during the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”. Though this whole ordeal has been …

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Why So Angry: A Reflection

I remember a few years ago Frank Miller was featured in some post 9/11 documentary. At the time of the terrorist attacks Miller was living in Hell’s Kitchen, just a few miles away from the World Trade Center. Miller starts talking about what he was doing when the towers were hit. He was working on …

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