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AW Comic Review: Dexter #1

If a Dexter book series or television series wasn’t enough for you, author, and creator of the character, Jeff Lindsay, has teamed up with Marvel comics in order to bring your favorite serial killer to a whole new medium. Set for a 5 issue run, Lindsay has brought us a visual interpretation of the Dexter …

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AW Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us #1

No, this isn’t the review for the upcoming WB/NetherRealm (the team that brought us the “Mortal Kombat” series) game of the same name but rather the accompanying comic series that launched last week presenting the backstory of the game. “Injustice: Gods Among Us” issue #1 reintroduces us to Superman, happy, waking up next to Lois …

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AW Comic Review: Hell Yeah #1

I’m pretty particular with which comics I read and with limited time to devote to a series, I rarely take the time to read anything outside of the DC Universe. While picking up my subs today, I was talked into taking a chance on “Hell Yeah” issue #1 published by Image, and I’m happy I did. …

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AW Comic Review: Discord

In an era where the top two comic book publishers are owned by Warner Bros. and Disney, making an independent graphic novel is not easy without the money and man power to push a great story into the public eye. It takes a good story to get us here at Angry Web interested and Paul Salamoff (Logan’s …

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Captain America issue #1 sells for $343k

As a kid, I used to buy comics and hold on to them for dear life in hopes that having the first issue of some no-name superhero by a publisher who probably went bankrupt decades ago would yield a pretty penny. Well, here I am without a yacht or private jet with a box full …

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Adam Hughes: How to Draw Videos!

Jerry’s Artarama has released 3 videos on their youtube channel, each clip being almost 10 minutes and a combined total run time of approximately 30minutes. All the clips along with many other videos on “how to” about art are Hi-Definition (720p) so you are able to get crystal clear picture and all the filming is …

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