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Angry Girl Of The Week: Courtney

Since we started the Angry Girls feature, we have met some wonderful and talented girls who are extremely passionate about their craft. What surprised me the most was how friendly the girls were. They were all happy to participate and took the time out of their lives to answer our questions and email their photos. …

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Angry Girls Of The Week: “Comikaze” edition

Since one of the featured girls from last weekend’s Comikaze expo has been featured on Reddit, I am going to do everyone a favor and give them 2 extra days to bask in some awesome costumes that came out of the expo last weekend in Los Angeles, CA. We found some great looking costumes in …

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Comikaze expo premiers in Los Angeles in 1 week!

If you’re in or around the Los Angeles area, or don’t mind making the trip over for the first weekend in November, then make it a point to get to the Los Angeles Convention Center where the Comikaze expo will be bringing you the best in comics, gaming, Sci-Fi, Horror and more! Comikaze is an …

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