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Harley Quinn performs “Greatest Show On Earth”

Since we here at AW are pretty much obsessed with anything from the Batman Universe, the minute I saw this video I knew I had to share it with our audience. Tara Strand, who notably portrays Harley Quinn on the interwebs, performs to Macy Gray’s “Greatest Show On Earth” from the 2006 film “Idlewild”. This sweet and …

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Angry Girl Of The Week: Alexandra

Back on track this week, we have another diverse cosplayer who’s father put her on the right path to geekdom at an early age. Alexandra’s passion for all things nerdy and her love of fashion design have led to some amazing costumes that she not only makes for herself but takes commissions as well. Aside from movies …

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Angry Girls Of The Week: “Batman: Arkham City” edition

With the release of “Batman” Arkham City” being released today, we wanted to do a tribute using Angry Girls from the past and future who have taken the role of a character from the Batman universe. Check out these awesome models as they portray Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and more! If you are …

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Angry Girl Of The Week: Kearstin

I have been following Kearstin on Facebook and Twitter for a while now and a the photos I have seen so far were enough to make me reach out to her in regards to becoming one of our girls of the week. We have a ton of DC cosplayers in the pipeline but Kearstin has some …

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Angry Girl Of The Week: Ann Marie

Our girl of the week this week caught my eye because you really don’t see a lot of cosplayers take on Cortana from the “Halo” series. Not only does Ann Marie do Cortana, but she has a bit of history with the character. Being able to show off her costume on stage at “Video Games Live” …

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Angry Girl Of The Week: Karinna

I want to say I hate breaking up the cycle of having girls in costume at the top of this thread but the truth is…I don’t. Karinna’s submission as our Girl of the Week is full of geeky goodness but what drew me to her was her classic pinup look. From her hair style to …

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