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Swashbuckling cover art for “Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag”

This week, we received the cover art for the next installment of the Assasins Creed franchise. What could possibly be more epic than America’s Revolutionary War you ask? Pirates. Lots and lots of pirates. Fans loved the ship battles from “Assassins Creed 3” so chances are we will see a ton of ship play along with some …

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New screenshots and trailer for “Harly Quinn’s Revenge”

  Here are some brand spankin’ new screens and a trailer from the upcoming “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”. For those that have already completed “Batman: Arkham City”, you will have over 2 hours of new content which will allow you to alternate between Batman and Robin. This content will be available on May 29th as either …

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“Watchmen: Director’s Cut” artwork and details

Warner Home Video has released the official DVD and blu-ray artwork for “Watchmen”. While the 2-Disc DVD and 2-Disc blu-ray are advertised as containing the Director’s Cut of the film, it is not clear whether the 1-Disc DVD will include it as well. No extra features will be attached to the 1-Disc DVD. The 2-Disc …

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“Smallville” Season 8 DVD artwork revealed

Amazon.com has revealed the official DVD artwork for the 8th season of “Smallville”, which features Clark and Lois this time around.  The DVD set is priced at $38.99, while the blu-ray set is $71.99.