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Justice League movie vs The Avengers 2

Hey there readers! Do you remember that big event in the 1990’s when we finally saw a DC and Marvel comic book crossover? When the Justice League and The Avengers had finally interacted with each other in the same universe? Well, it’s happening again, but this time it’s a box office rumble. Warner Bros. has …

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AW Review: “Wayne of Gotham” novel

Don’t be fooled by the illustrious and elaborate dust jacket art, this is indeed a novel. Furthermore, don’t be fooled by the fact that this novel is about Batman, because it, in fact, is not good. With a release date of June 26th, author Tracy Hickman and publishers HarperCollins aimed to gain sales on the …

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AW Comic Review: Before Watchmen

I know what you are thinking and I had the same thought myself. “A ‘Watchmen’ prequel really should not be happening.” “Alan Moore must be rolling over in his grave” (I understand that he is alive, but I figure that his ornery attitude and hatred for unoriginal ideas would stop his heart). However, DC Comics …

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Free comic book day 2012

If you already have plans for May 5th, 2012, cancel them. For those of you familiar with comic book related events, the first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day. This annual event is a collaboration between major comic book publishers and your local comic book stores to bring some industry presence and familiarity …

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“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” graphic novel

If you loved “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” books and movies, DC comics/Vertigo is adapting all three books in the series as two-volume graphic novels. The novels hit shelves November 2012.  

DC Comics cancels 6 of the “New 52”

We are in month 5 since DC launched the “New 52” and after some consideration and sales figures, 6 titles did not make the cut. The 6 that will be making disappearing from shelves after their 8th issue are: Blackhawks Hawk and Dove Men of War Mister Terrific O.M.A.C.  and Static Shock With these cuts …

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