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Warner Bros. confirms Batman series for Fox

It has been reported, and confirmed by WB execs this week, that Warner Bros. will be distributing a series called “Gotham” for the Fox Network. The show will be focused on a young Jim Gordon and will not include an appearance of the Caped Crusader himself…for now at least. Details are still in the early …

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Exclusive: Gotham Police Department cars spotted in Los Angeles

While driving home from breakfast this morning, I spotted a transportation truck not 5 minutes from my house. Now, living in Los Angeles (the San Fernando Valley to be exact), it is common to see prop cars and shooting locations. What tickled my fancy however was that I was looking at the Gotham City Police …

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Batman banned from Facebook :(

Bad news for the dark knight, folks.  According to The Washington Post, Batman has been banned from Facebook!  Something tells me this is the work of Gotham PD considering the masked vigilante is wanted for the deaths of Harvey Dent as well as two of Gotham PD’s own men.  Despite the unfortunate news, I think …

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“Batman: Gotham Knight” Sites Now Online

The official website for “Batman: Gotham Knight” has been updated: Batman: Gotham Knight Official Site In addition, there is now a MySpace page and a Facebook page. “Batman: Gotham Knight” is scheduled for a July 8, 2008 release date.

“Batman Gotham Knight” to premiere at Wizard World Chicago

So at this point I might as well name this site “The Batman Blog” but there is simply too much going on in the world of The Dark Knight to just ignore it all. The animated feature “Batman Gotham Knight” will be releasing soon and it is set to premiere at Chicago’s Wizard World. “Batman …

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