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How to pick up hookers in GTA 5

Over the years, one of our most popular posts has been the one we put up teaching people how to get laid…in “Grand Theft Auto IV”. Well, since that’s the type of audience you are, we decided to help you out even further by sharing this video with you showing you how to hook up …

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How to pick up hookers in GTA 4 (Updated)

Looking for GTA5? Click HERE to be taken to the GTA5 hooker tutorial. Well lately we have been receiving an uncomfortable amount of traffic and emails about picking up hookers in GTA 4. It seems some people don’t know how to do it and here at Angry Web we are devoted to making sure that …

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the top five video games of 2008

#1 – Grand Theft Auto IV It’s more fun to talk about how much stuff sucks, but I can’t find anything bad to say about Grand Theft Auto IV. Trust me, I tried. Hard. The strippers don’t strip, and I guess that kind of sucks (they wear bikinis), but I can always alleviate my frustration …

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“GTA4” hookers…wow (NSFW)

This is gameplay video of the prostitutes in “GTA4”. All I have to say is Rockstar, didn’t you learn your lesson?…at the same time I can’t wait to play this. “GTA4” is being released tomorrow for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.