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Final “Iron Man 3” poster releases with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Well folks, it was bound to happen. With all of the other posters released the past couple of weeks, we finally get one featuring Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. The intriguing part is all of the other Iron Man costumes streaking upwards into the sky behind him.

AW Movie Review: The Avengers

Let the summer superhero blockbuster movies begin! Marvel kicks off every moviegoer’s favorite season with the witty, action-packed flick that so many of us have been waiting for, The Avengers. With 5 years of planning and 5 movies doing a pretty fantastic job of building up this movie, The Avengers has finally been released into …

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Iron Man motorcycle suit

UD Replicas have created motorcyle suits that have the geeky, crotch rocket riders buzzing. First we saw the Dark Knight suit and recently the Wolverine one. Now the company has notified us that they would be selling the Iron Man motorcycle suit. Based on the Mark V Suitase Suit seen in IRON MAN 2, this …

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Iron Man 2: Not just a movie

Hey there believers! With the massive success of it’s predecessor, Iron Man 2 the movie seeks to outdo its own franchise. And as every gamer knows, a great movie deserves a great video game. Just like the movie, Iron Man 2: The Video Game hopes to improve on some minor issues of its former self. …

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Is Thor in “Iron Man 2”?

Sources say yes! Check out the video below at 1:18

“Iron Man 2” at Edwards Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base located in California has reported filming of “Iron Man 2” there, posting photos of Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau on location.  Favreau stated the following: “All these real military assets make the movie more authentic and the topography and the beauty of the Desert and flightline open the movie up,” …

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