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“Batman Incorporated” issue #3 leaks

In a previous thread, we have discussed the events that happened during the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora Colorado. Though we sympathize with the victims and their families we have also raised the question, are we being too sensitive to an isolated indecent? We reported that DC Comics would be postponing the …

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DC delays “Batman Incorporated” issue #3 due to sensitive content

Update: See the page that sparked the postponement HERE. Do you think it was insensitive to release it on time? Did you go to your comic book store today to pick up your pulls and notice you were one comic short? Fans of DC’s New 52 may have realized that this month’s issue of “Batman Incorporated”, written …

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AW Comic Book Review: Justice League #1

Last night, fans across the country gathered at their local comic book shop for the midnight release of Justice League issue #1. This issue signifies the relaunch of 52 series by DC Comics slated for release this month including Batman and Superman. I took part in the festivities at my local shop, Collector’s Paradise, where there was …

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Justice League #1 to release tonight at midnight

Don’t forget kiddies, tonight DC kicks off their relaunches with Justice League issue #1. Be sure to check your local comic book store as many of them will be hosting midnight launches. It’s nice to see a little hype with comic books in the press isn’t it? Let us know which of the New 52 …

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Captain America issue #1 sells for $343k

As a kid, I used to buy comics and hold on to them for dear life in hopes that having the first issue of some no-name superhero by a publisher who probably went bankrupt decades ago would yield a pretty penny. Well, here I am without a yacht or private jet with a box full …

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Why I won’t be buying “Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D”

As a huge fan of the “Resident Evil” franchise, you could only imagine my excitement when I found out there would be a 3D version coming out on Nintendo’s 3DS system. After playing it at E3 this year, it was one of the many titles I looked forward to dropping some hard earned money on …

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