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Fox considers bringing back “24” for limited run

In an era of television where we are looking backwards in order to move forwards, shows like “Arrested Development” are being brought back, “Boy Meets World” is being rehashed and “Firefly” is…well, “Firefly” isn’t coming back. Whether this is due to a lack of creativity or just wanting to capitalize on a popular series, Fox …

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Sutherland says “24” script is almost done

As avid fans of the show may know, the “24” movie has been in development hell for well over a year now.  Scripts have been rejected, potential directors discussed, and release windows announced, but with little to no eventual confirmation of anything.  Earlier this year, Sutherland had also announced that the film was set to shoot …

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Fox cancels “24”

After 8 seasons of the hit show “24”, Fox has decided to pull the plug on this unique action-drama due to rising expenses, lower ratings and the inability to involve Jack Bauer on another intense day. 20th Century Fox, the production company for the show, attempted to pitch it to NBC but was denied a …

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Merry Christmas, Jack Bauer :)

This video seems to be the latest buzz. Enjoy…

“24” 7.22 airs tonight; 2-hour season finale next week!

24 – Season 7, Episode 22 – 5:00 am – 6:00 am Innocent lives remain in the line of fire as this terrifying day draws to a close. Jack is faced with an unthinkable situation while his perpetually imperiled daughter, Kim (guest star Cuthbert), gets involved. Meanwhile, the imminent threat stokes the heated rivalry between …

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“24” 7.21 airs tonight; Season 8 details

24 – Season 7, Episode 21 – 4:00 am – 5:00 am While lives remain on the line, an emotional Chloe copes with the declining conditions. With only a few hours left in Jack Bauer’s day, the situation worsens when the politicking inside the White House corners the divided administration. Guest Cast: Jon Voight as …

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