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Sony PlayStation Vita outsells Nintendo 3DS in Japan

For the first time ever, the Sony PlayStation Vita has outsold the Nintendo 3DS this week in Japan. This can be attributed largely due to the price cut of the Vita in tandem with the release of the popular game “Soul Sacrifice”. Reports are showing that the PlayStation Vita sold 63,581 units compared to the …

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“Wolverine” heads to Japan

During an interview at MTV’s Teen Choice Awards, Hugh Jackman confirmed that the next “Wolverine” movie will take place in Japan. Jackman said the following: Japan is where we’re heading, [and] we’re starting to work on it now. We’re in the…first steps of developing that story. That story, being Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s story …

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Do you like giant robots?

An enormous, highly detailed Gundam replica, which moves and lights up, has been recently built in Tokyo, Japan as an unofficial landmark.  Now why can’t we spend millions of dollars on a giant robot like this, huh? More pics can be found here. Check out the video of the Gundam statue in action.