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Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons cast in “Man of Steel 2”

Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luther

Today Zack Snyder announced 2 more additions to the casting line up of “Man of Steel 2” (or “Superman/Batman” or “Justice League” or whatever the name will be tomorrow. The sequel to “Man of Steel” will be introducing Superman’s greatest foe…Lex Luthor. Luthor will be played by Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social network” and “Zombieland”) per Snyder’s …

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Justice League movie vs The Avengers 2

Hey there readers! Do you remember that big event in the 1990’s when we finally saw a DC and Marvel comic book crossover? When the Justice League and The Avengers had finally interacted with each other in the same universe? Well, it’s happening again, but this time it’s a box office rumble. Warner Bros. has …

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Wachowskis to direct Justice League film?

With the recent confirmation that Ben Affleck would NOT be involved in directing a Justice League film, the search is on for who could make DC Comics’ answer to The Avengers great. Affleck recently made the following comments: I’m not working on the Justice League. One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that …

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Ben Affleck will not be directing a Justice League movie

The internet was up in arms this week after it was announced that Ben Affleck was meeting with Warner Bros. about directing DC Comics’ answer to The Avengers with a Justice League film. Well calm down geeks, new reports are claiming that Affleck’s meeting at Warner Bros. was nothing more than “a meeting” and that …

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Next Arkham game to be a prequel?

That’s right my fellow Angry Webbers we could be seeing a prequel to two of the most amazing games of our time. Word is that the proposal that Warner Bros interactive has sent to Rocksteady is that they want them to include the Justice League in the game in some aspect. There is some speculation …

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Christopher Nolan says he has no plans to work on “Justice League” movie

Fans of the DC Universe have made it clear that they want Nolan to be involved in all things adapting comics to film. Not only has he had tremendous success with the Batman films but he will also be consulting on Zach Snyder’s “Man of Steel” Superman film due out in 2013. However, Nolan has …

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