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“The Simpsons” LEGO set is epic

Earlier this week, some loose details were released regarding “The Simpsons” LEGO set. The official photos for this set have been released and I personally can’t wait to throw my money at it. The set includes all the pieces needed to build your own slice of Springfield. For just $200, you can construct “The Simpsons” …

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Every LEGO Star Wars character

Review: Falling To Pieces Over “LEGO Batman”

With “The Dark Knight” making a killing in the box office this summer and Batman merchandise flooding the market, it was only natural that the gaming industry would strike while the iron was hot. As a longtime fan of all things Batman, I always get worried when I hear that the Caped Crusader will be …

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Official LEGO Batman Launch Trailer

Another asset sent to me today from WB for tomorrow’s official launch!

Vehicles from LEGO Batman now in video

Well I promised a video and here it is. This was sent to me as an official asset for the upcoming game, LEGO Batman and illustrates the vehicles that will be used in the game.

LEGO Batman: Vehicles

I know I know, I spoil you. Well my loss is your gain. I will be too busy to post these assets tomorrow so I am releasing them early. Here are some official shots of the vehicles that you can find in LEGO Batman. We have some video footage that I will post over the …

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