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Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons cast in “Man of Steel 2”

Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luther

Today Zack Snyder announced 2 more additions to the casting line up of “Man of Steel 2” (or “Superman/Batman” or “Justice League” or whatever the name will be tomorrow. The sequel to “Man of Steel” will be introducing Superman’s greatest foe…Lex Luthor. Luthor will be played by Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social network” and “Zombieland”) per Snyder’s …

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“Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston to play Lex Luthor in “Man of Steel” sequel

After all of the controversy surrounding the announcement that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the follow up to “Man of Steel”, today news broke that Bryan Cranston would be taking on the role of Lex Luthor. Many of the concerns with Affleck portraying The Dark Knight surrounded the fact that many people felt …

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“Smallville” Superspoiler

If you tuned into last week’s episode of “Smallville”, which was titled Beacon, you might be able to guess what the spoiler is about.  SPOILER ALERT: In the episode’s final scene, Tess Mercer attempts to stick a syringe into Lex Luthor clone, Alexander’s, neck, only to have it bend. The latest from TVLine has revealed that …

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Michael Rosenbaum back for “Smallville” season finale!

Fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as “Smallville” alum, Michael Rosenbaum, has announced his return for the series’ 2-hour season finale. Over the past year, producers of the show have had numerous back and forth discussions with the actor on reprising his role as Lex Luthor. Rosenbaum was constantly adamant about not returning …

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Luthor leaves “Smallville”

Now that his contract is up, Michael Rosenbaum, “Smallville’s” Lex Luthor, will be leaving the show after the current season. There will be 2 new villains to take his place in season 8 but this is still sad news as Luthor was arguably the most interesting character on the program. Seeing Rosenbaum’s character develop was …

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