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SDCC 2012: Official logos for the 5 new upcoming Marvel films

As the San Diego Comic-Con wraps up for 2012, the winners and losers were pretty obvious. Marvel ( a big winner) had announced sequels to their popular “Thor” “Captain America” and “Iron Man” films as well as “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Ant-Man”. “Capatain America” has a finalized title with “The Winter Soldier” which. presumably, will shadow Ed …

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New poster for “The Amazing Spider-Man” revealed

“Spiderman” to cast a new Peter Parker?

Some of you may have picked up a hint of animosity in regards to how I discuss the Marvel movie universe and this latest rumor is a prime example of what pisses me off. According to Latino Review, not only is “Spiderman” 4 and 5 going into production but they are looking for actors to …

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New 2 minute “Iron Man” clip from Nickelodean

Enough with the idle chit chat. Just sit back and check out this new 2 minute clip from the upcoming film “Iron Man”

5th “Iron Man” TV spot hits the interweb

As we get closer to the theatrical release of Paramount’s “Iron Man”, the 5th TV spot hits the air waves to create more anticipation for this predicted Summer smash. You can check out the 5th TV spot HERE.

New “Iron Man” trailer released today

Do you like “Iron Man”? Do you like trailers? Good. I’m too lazy to write something decent so just click HERE.