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2 new trailers for “The Dark Knight Rises” surface

In case you haven’t been watching much TV lately, 2 new trailers have surfaced from the upcoming filme, “The Dark Knight Rises”. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, we were kind enough to embed them below. Bon appetit. And

“The Dark Knight Rises” official trailer is released

Getting back to what made the anticipation of “The Dark Knight” so great, Warner Bros. and the marketing team working on “The Dark Knight Rises” got their fans involved in a scavenger hunt to find graffiti around various cities worldwide. Earlier today, some mysteries files showed up on TDKR’s official site along with some addresses in major …

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New trailer for “The Avengers” released

There isn’t much more to say, sit back, relax and check out the new badass trailer for “The Avengers”.

DC Comics cancels 6 of the “New 52”

We are in month 5 since DC launched the “New 52” and after some consideration and sales figures, 6 titles did not make the cut. The 6 that will be making disappearing from shelves after their 8th issue are: Blackhawks Hawk and Dove Men of War Mister Terrific O.M.A.C.  and Static Shock With these cuts …

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6 new “Amazing Spider-Man” images

Dan Aykroyd talks “Ghostbusters 3”

After years of talking about it, “Ghostbusters 3” is back in the press. A recent interview with Dan Aykroyd on Denis Miller’s radio show produced a bit of information. Aykroyd stated that they hope to begin shooting in the Spring of next year and that the work of the Ghostbusters would be handed down to a …

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