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Sony PlayStation Vita outsells Nintendo 3DS in Japan

For the first time ever, the Sony PlayStation Vita has outsold the Nintendo 3DS this week in Japan. This can be attributed largely due to the price cut of the Vita in tandem with the release of the popular game “Soul Sacrifice”. Reports are showing that the PlayStation Vita sold 63,581 units compared to the …

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Nintendo Wii U release date and price announced

Today Nintendo has released the price points and release date for the Wii U. As expected, the new console from Nintendo will ship just before the holidays on November 18, 2012. The video game industry typically tends to release their large titles in the month of November to give people plenty of time to put …

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Nintendo announces 3DS XL

Satoru Iwata revealed the 3DS XL these evening on Nintendo Direct. The 3DS XL will tout a 4.88″ top screen and 4.18″ bottom screen. It has also been slightly redesigned using rounded edges and a matte finish. Sales of the 3DS have been weak worldwide, which forced a price drop after only being out for a …

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This is what you get for working at Nintendo for 20 years

A Redditor posted this photo of this Mario statue claiming that his father received it for working with the company for 20 years…where do I sign up?

Why I won’t be buying “Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D”

As a huge fan of the “Resident Evil” franchise, you could only imagine my excitement when I found out there would be a 3D version coming out on Nintendo’s 3DS system. After playing it at E3 this year, it was one of the many titles I looked forward to dropping some hard earned money on …

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First Impressions: Nintendo Wii U controller

At E3 2011, Nintendo unveiled the long rumored successor to the Wii, dubbed the “Wii U”. The only software that was available to play on the show floor was comprised of tech demos that, according to Nintendo, did not show off the power of the new system. The star of the show was, in fact, …

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