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Rockstar Games releases “GTA Online” gameplay video

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online

Today, Rockstar Games released a video detailing the gameplay for the upcoming “GTA Online“. “GTA Online” takes all of the features of the “Grand Theft Auto” games and gives you the ability to play with friends…or enemies. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you’ll have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to …

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“DC Universe Online” welcomes over a million new subscribers

Having troubles logging into DCUO lately? Well that might be because since they adopted the “free to play” model, they have added over 1 million new accounts. After losing a vast amount of players, Sony had consolidated their servers into one mega server in order to make sure users had others to quest with. It …

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“DC Universe: Online” now free to play

“DC Universe Online” goes free…to an extent

With the recent merging of the servers on “DCU Online” to one mega server, it’s no surprise that this title will be moving to the free-to-play subscription model. As users were realizing after their first month that the game didn’t really hold a $14.99 a month value after 30 days, players began to abandon ship. PC and …

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Star Trek Online shifting to free-to-play model

Hey, Trekkies, did you want to boldly go where no man has gone before, but got put off by the fees for playing Star Trek Online? Fresh intelligence from Starfleet has informed us that by the end of 2011, STO will be switched to the free-to-play model. Cryptic Studios, the developer of STO, was purchased …

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Collection of assets for “Final Fantasy XIV”

Here is an explosion of assets from the upcoming “Final Fantasy XIV”, the second online “Final Fantasy” game in the series. Included is every media asset that was made available and now you can check it out for yourself. These pictures include shots of scenery, races, weapons and even armor. Enjoy kupo!

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