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Official trailer for “Batman: Arkham Origins”

With E3 just around the corner, it’s no surprise that we are starting to see some activity from the folks over at WB Games with regards to the next installment of the “Batman” Arkham titles. Today fans were treated to a teaser version of a full trailer due out on May 20th. Batman: Arkham Origins …

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“Batman: Arkham Origins” to be released October 25, 2013

It was announced today that the next title in the Arkham series would be released later this year (October 25th to be exact). “Batman: Arkham Origins” will be a prequel story to “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and :Batman: Arkham City”. It is set to release on all major consoles and PC. Batman: Arkham Origins features an expanded Gotham City …

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“Wolverine” heads to Japan

During an interview at MTV’s Teen Choice Awards, Hugh Jackman confirmed that the next “Wolverine” movie will take place in Japan. Jackman said the following: Japan is where we’re heading, [and] we’re starting to work on it now. We’re in the…first steps of developing that story. That story, being Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s story …

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Which “X-Men” project will get the greenlight first?

With a sequel to the disastrous yet lucrative “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” as well as confirmed “Deadpool” and “Magneto” spin-offs in the works, we now wonder which project will get the greenlight first. In a recent interview, David Goyer, who has been hired to pen the “Magneto” screenplay, stated the following: “There have been some preliminary …

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Easter egg endings added to “Wolverine”…hook, line, and sinker?

Who’s getting tired of this whole game of tug-of-war, honestly? “Wolverine” workprint leaks out – “This movie sucks.” Tom Rothman claims there are 10 extra minutes and unfinished special effects – “Hmm, maybe I’ll check it out in theaters after all.” Workprint = 107 minutes; Final print = 107 minutes – “Did Rothman lie?  Maybe …

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Does “Wolverine – Uncaged Edition” game actually look better than the movie?

Take a look at this new behind-the-scenes footage on IGN.  You be the judge. More X-Men Origins: Wolverine — Uncaged Edition Info We’ve also added this other clip which includes Gambit, Sabretooth, and…the Sentinels! Wow. X-Men Origins: Wolverine — Uncaged Edition at IGN.com “X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Uncaged Edition” hits the PS3, X-Box360, Wii, and …

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