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X-Men: Born This Way

If you like X-Men and Lady Gaga, this song’s for you…

If “Saw” were a Mentos commercial


“Must Love Jaws”

Mike Dow has put together a parody of Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” and amazingly transformed it into a romantic comedy about a man in love with a shark.  Enjoy.

If “Entourage” was about Obama

Take a look at this hilarious parody of HBO’s “Entourage”, featuring President Obama and his entourage which includes Joey “Drama” Biden, Rahm Emmanuel, and…uh, Turtle. In this video, Obama, with the help of his crew and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, set up a meeting with Mahmoud Amadinejad to discuss a nuclear deal. Enjoy.

Please buy a pair of Batsocks, Adam West is broke

Unfortunately, 60s Batman icon, Adam West, was apparently also a victim of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme. To make ends meet, he held a garage sale outside the classic Batcave exit to sell off his incredibly rare and valuable memorabilia. I think this calls for Batman fans to unite and contribute to Mr. West’s cause. A …

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“The One Thinged Guy” – have you ever seen him?

With the success of Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Wrestler” composed for the film, OverThinkingIt.com has created a follow-up sequel to the song.  Enjoy…