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Erica Durance as Wonder Woman

You may have geeked out over her when she portrayed Lois Lane in the hit WB show “Smallville” but Erica Durance gives nerds a whole new reason to lock their doors after saying goodnight to their parents. In this week’s episode of “Harry’s Law”, Durance sports the Wonder Woman outfit which was designed for the …

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“Futurama” Monopoly unveiled at Comic Con 2011

We have a first look at the Futurama Monopoly game that was unveiled at Comic Con 2011. Oh. Your. God! America’s most popular board game is getting a 31st century spin! In New New York, you’ll use your millions to buy, sell, and trade properties from the animated series. From Mom’s Friendly Robot Company to …

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Details on “Batman” Arkham City” Collector’s Edition released

Now I’m not one who typically drops $100 on a collector’s edition of any game as I tend to forget about the game once I’m done playing it. However, “Batman: Arkham City” has just announced the details regarding the collector’s edition of the upcoming title and for $30 more, any Batman fan would be crazy …

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First look at season 2 of “The Walking Dead”

AMC has released the first image of “The Walking Dead” season 2. Executive Producer/Writer/Director Frank Darabont says, “At this moment, I’m standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, …

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First images emerge of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Entertainment Weekly has featured an image of Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern. All I can say is this seems like pretty good casting…at least better than Green Hornet.

First pic of Gemma Arterton in “Clash of the Titans”

The first photo of Gemma Arterton in Louis Leterrior’s remake of “Clash of the Titans” has appeared online. Arterton play Io, a spiritual guide on Perseus’ journey through the film.  Yes, we know.  This photo doesn’t reveal jack squat.  For all we know, this could’ve been some paparazzi photo of Arterton scoping the area, moments …

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