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First look at Angelina Jolie as Disney’s Maleficent

This is the first look at Angelina Jolie as the popular villain from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”. The film, simply titled “Maleficent” is set to start production soon and is slated for release in 2014. This film tells the famous fairy tale from the evil queen’s perspective and will also star Elle Fanning (Super 8)

Erica Durance as Wonder Woman

You may have geeked out over her when she portrayed Lois Lane in the hit WB show “Smallville” but Erica Durance gives nerds a whole new reason to lock their doors after saying goodnight to their parents. In this week’s episode of “Harry’s Law”, Durance sports the Wonder Woman outfit which was designed for the …

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First look of Nightwing from “Batman: Arkham City”

New promo photo for “Dark Shadows”

Johnny Depp looks a little less creepy in this Entertainment Weekly photo than he did in the previous photos we posted in which his face was painted completely white. Crossing my fingers that Burton and Depp have a good film on their hands.

First look at Johnny Depp from “Dark Shadows”

Some new pictures of Johnny Depp have been floating around the internet today from the set of Tim Burton’s upcoming vampire flick, “Dark Shadows”. We have no idea why Depp is walking around in the sunlight looking like Michael Jackson but I’ll lay my faith in Tim Burton’s ability as a filmmaker and Depp’s acting …

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Bane seen destroying photos of Harvey Dent?

A recent image taken in Pittsburgh during the filming of “Dark knight Rises” shows Bane ripping and throwing images of Harvey Dent. As of now, there is no explanation as to why he’s doing it but Harvey’s legacy from “The Dark Knight” appears to be playing a role in the upcoming film.

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