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“Batman Incorporated” issue #8 to kill off main character?

A photo has found its way onto the internet via comic book retailer, AI Mega, that may hint that something big is about to happen beginning with “Batman Incorporated” issue #8. The retailer posted this photo on their Twitter page last week after which their account was removed: The Robin logo in the “R.I.P.” makes …

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Robin confirmed as playable character in “Batman: Arkham City”

That’s right fans! The Boy Wonder will be a playable character in the “Batman: Arkham City” video game due out later this Fall. The catch? The game must be pre-ordered at your local Best Buy. This downloadable content is, in fact, a Best Buy exclusive.  

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be Alberto Falcone in TDKR

The speculation can come to an end regarding Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s casting in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Will he be The Riddler? Wrong. Deadshot? Wrong again. According to Variety, the actor has been confirmed to take on the role of Alberto Falcone. In the graphic novel, The Long Halloween, Alberto Falcone is the son of crime …

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Out goes “Smallville”? In come…”The Graysons”???

With expectations for “Smallville” to finally finish off next spring in its eight-season run, the CW has already made plans to bring in another one of DC Comics’ heroes to its prime time network.   Starting next fall, “Smallville” executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, along with “Supernatural” executive producer McG will introduce “The Graysons”, …

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Holy $h*t, Batman – DC Comics recalls All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder No. 10

Sure, It may not be that huge a deal for an already adult audience of the “All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder” comic book series, but DC Comics isn’t taking any chances.  With Issue No. 10 recently released, the comic book publisher noticed that certain expletives rhyming with, uh…fruck, shpit, and clunt had …

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Batman throws Robin under the bus

There’s this new Batman movie coming out soon. I think it’s called The Night a Clown Came to Town: Batman 2, Electric Baloogaloo. Christian Bale, the actor most people know as Quinn Abercromby in Reign of Fire, has threatened to kill himself if Chris O’Donnell reprises his role as Robin in the third movie. If …

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