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If “Terminator” were a musical…

Well, a guy named Mark Lee had the ingenious idea of writing a “Terminator” power ballad/love song titled “I’ll Be Back.” Frankly, I would’ve much rather have seen a full-scale Broadway production of this than “Salvation.” At least it’s got heart. Check out these amazingly crafted lyrics… I’ll Be Back I’m sleeping alone on this …

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AW Movie Review: “Terminator Salvation”

I came into this movie with fairly high expectations and I certainly felt justified in feeling so. After all, with 2 hugely successful films in the “Terminator” archives being trampled over by a third subpar sequel, why add to the mess unless you’re going to pull a “Batman Begins” and completely restore as well as …

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Terminator 5: Pre-Judgment Day? McG discusses planned sequel

UPDATE: Arnold says he will be doing 2 more “Terminator” films. Read more HERE. While we knew that director McG had plans to reinvigorate the Terminator franchise with a complete new trilogy, we knew little about where he was planning to take the storyline after “Terminator Salvation”.  Fans were told that the ending of “Salvation” …

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Is anyone else thinking T-1 Harvester here?

Shigeki Toyama, a robotics professor at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, has developed an agriculture robot suit designed for use by 40% of Japan’s farm workers, aged 65 and over. Toyama seeks to make the harvesting and pruning suit industry and task-specific to generate cost savings in production. Toyama states: Anyone can use …

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Arnold’s likeness to appear in “Terminator Salvation”

The Governator himself, Mr. Schwarzenegger recently did a Twitter Q&A and was asked about his possible cameo in Terminator Salvation.  Here’s what he had to say: Right now, they’re looking at the technology and see if it is possible to create a technology where they can use my image in the film without me actually …

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New Terminator Salvation Poster

Warner Bros. has released a new Terminator Salvation poster.  Now this is what I’m talking about… Terminator Salvation his theaters 5.21.09.

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