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Fan trailer for upcoming Batgirl web series

When people think of Batgirl they think of Barbara Gordon. It’s hard not to as she was not only the first girl to dawn the cowl but was the anonymous vigilante right under her father’s (Commissioner Gordon) nose. These fans have put together a trailer for a web series they are working on which features …

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“ROBOTECH: The Complete Series” hits shelves on October 18

Long before the current live action Transformers franchise took over the box office and introduced giant alien robots to a new generation, there was a sweeping animated sci-fi epic that delivered “mecha” to the masses: Robotech. Arriving on U.S. airwaves in the mid-80s via syndication, the legendary space opera – one of the very first …

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First image of new Thundercats series

“Lost” in translation

With just a couple of days left before the “Lost” series finale, fans are asking themselves if the show can live up to the hype it has created over the past 6 years. With many unanswered questions and only a two and a half hour finale left to go, the show’s devoted followers are hoping that …

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Fox cancels “24”

After 8 seasons of the hit show “24”, Fox has decided to pull the plug on this unique action-drama due to rising expenses, lower ratings and the inability to involve Jack Bauer on another intense day. 20th Century Fox, the production company for the show, attempted to pitch it to NBC but was denied a …

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SyFy’s trailer for “The Phantom”

RHI Entertainment has released the trailer for the SyFy mini-series based off the comic book character, “The Phantom”. Stepping into the shoes of the character, last portrayed by Billy Zane in the 90s film, will be Ryan Carnes (Dr. Who, Desperate Housewives). As you’ll see in the trailer, the series is a reimagining of the …

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