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“The Simpsons” LEGO set is epic

Earlier this week, some loose details were released regarding “The Simpsons” LEGO set. The official photos for this set have been released and I personally can’t wait to throw my money at it. The set includes all the pieces needed to build your own slice of Springfield. For just $200, you can construct “The Simpsons” …

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Will the cast of “The Simpsons” come to terms on a new deal?

It was nearly 4 years ago when production of “The Simpsons” was put on hold while a new deal between cast members and Fox was put into motion. Now that we are approaching the 20th season, the cast of the hit show has found themselves in a similar position and are asking for more money …

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“The Simpsons” ride website goes live

Universal Studios Hollywood recently shut down the beloved “Back to the Future” ride in order to make room for a new and improved attraction. “The Simpsons” ride is due to open this April and the website went live earlier this week. I will pour my Crystal Clear Pepsi on the floor for the fallen “Back …

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