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Sony announces PlayStation 4

After Microsoft announced the Xbox ONE to much criticism, the ball was in Sony’s court. Fans of console gaming slammed the Xbox ONE all over the web for its flaws like the required internet connection, the mandatory connection to the Kinect camera at all times and the fact that games could only be transfered to …

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Why the PlayStation 4 will be a mediocre gaming experience

Last night in New York, Sony announced the system specifications for the PlayStation 4 and, unfortunately, nothing really seems to be groundbreaking. I am personally a bit of a PlayStation fanboy so it pains me to have to say that what Sony announced yesterday is just more console gimmicks with some slightly better hardware and …

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Photo of the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller released

This photo shows what the controller for the next Sony console will look like and speculation has already begun on what the center of the controller will be used for. What appears to be a screen and a speaker sit nestled between the analog sticks and one can only guess that Sony has once again …

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Amazon Prime Instant Video now on the PS3

What was once only available on certain set top boxes, through the computer or on the Kindle Fire, Amazon Prime Instant Video has made its way onto the Sony PlayStation 3 in order to compete with other streaming services such as Netflix. For $79 a year, Amazon Prime allows access to much of the same …

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Complete tech specs for the Playstation Vita released

Today Sony released the complete tech specs of the Playstation Vita. Not only is this little handheld going to be powerful but it’;s going to be social. The Vita is coming with support for Facebook, Twitter and Skype right out of the box. It’s starting to look like AT&T will be getting money from me …

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Sony PlayStation Vita to release on October 28, 2011?

A reservation list from Blockbuster in the UK has put a date on a PlayStation Vita release as early as October 28 of this year. There has been much speculation as to when the hardware will be released worldwide and most people were hoping for a fall or pre-holiday release. Well if the British Blockbuster …

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