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“The Avengers” story and villain details

We have seen the teaser trailer for “The Avengers”, but many of us are still wondering who the villains will be in the upcoming film. Here’s couple of photos of Captain America on the set of “The Avengers”, but it wasn’t clear what was happening, but now thanks to a new video, we have an …

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Batman and Bane fighting at City Hall (Filming The Dark Knight Rises)

Behind the scenes footage from “Dark Knight Rises”! Batman and Bane kicking each other’s butt while filming in Oakland (Near Pittsburgh, PA).

“Smallville” Superspoiler

If you tuned into last week’s episode of “Smallville”, which was titled Beacon, you might be able to guess what the spoiler is about.  SPOILER ALERT: In the episode’s final scene, Tess Mercer attempts to stick a syringe into Lex Luthor clone, Alexander’s, neck, only to have it bend. The latest from TVLine has revealed that …

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More images of Two-Face get leaked (Spoiler Alert!)

Ok…here are more pictures that were leaked regarding Two-Face. For all the leaked screencaps click HERE. Warning, these images contain major spoilers.