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Arnold Schwarzenegger to do 2 more “Terminator” films?

There isn’t much in the way of details regarding the future of the “Terminator” franchise (no pun intended) but Arnold Schwarzenegger says that we can look forward to 2 more films featuring the action star. In an interview which seems to have been deleted from the web, Schwarzenegger was quoted saying: I can’t say too much. …

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If “Terminator” were a musical…

Well, a guy named Mark Lee had the ingenious idea of writing a “Terminator” power ballad/love song titled “I’ll Be Back.” Frankly, I would’ve much rather have seen a full-scale Broadway production of this than “Salvation.” At least it’s got heart. Check out these amazingly crafted lyrics… I’ll Be Back I’m sleeping alone on this …

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AW Movie Review: “Terminator Salvation”

I came into this movie with fairly high expectations and I certainly felt justified in feeling so. After all, with 2 hugely successful films in the “Terminator” archives being trampled over by a third subpar sequel, why add to the mess unless you’re going to pull a “Batman Begins” and completely restore as well as …

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“Transforminators” Trailer

Several weeks back, “Transformers” director Michael Bay stated that he’d like to see a battle between Transformers and Terminators. Black20 has created quite the impressive mash-up trailer between the two franchises. And check this out – they even used audio from Christian Bale’s tirade on the set of “Terminator Salvation”. More Videos at IGN.com

Terminator 5: Pre-Judgment Day? McG discusses planned sequel

UPDATE: Arnold says he will be doing 2 more “Terminator” films. Read more HERE. While we knew that director McG had plans to reinvigorate the Terminator franchise with a complete new trilogy, we knew little about where he was planning to take the storyline after “Terminator Salvation”.  Fans were told that the ending of “Salvation” …

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Batman vs. The Terminator

Here’s a cleverly-made fan trailer that mixes clips from The Dark Knight and Terminator 2: Judgment Day:

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