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Original concept for Bane’s scars in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Here are some molds showing you what could have been Bane’s scars in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Are you glad they ended up with the final product or would you have rather seen something more exaggerated like the ones below?

Alternate poster for “The Dark Knight Rises”

“The Dark Knight Rises” FAQ

When reading through reviews of “The Dark Knight Rises”, I decided to see what the negative reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes had to say about the film. To my surprise, there were a lot of reviewers who simply didn’t understand some scenes that were pretty obvious. You would think that someone getting paid to review films …

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Box office numbers for “The Dark Knight Rises” delayed

Out of respect to the victims of the shooting in Aurora Colorado, Sony, Fox, Disney, Universal, Fox, Paramount and Lionsgate had all agreed to back Warner Bros. by withholding box office numbers until today. With reports of midnight numbers topping $30 million, it is now estimated that “The Dark Knight Rises” brought in about $161 million …

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Awesome new details from “The Dark Knight Rises”

The official production notes from “The Dark Knight Rises” has been released and here are 9 key points that SyFy has put together. We will throw in a page break since there is a lot of new info. There are no real spoilers but there may be some pretty cool things that you may want …

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“The Dark Knight Rises” trailer goes live and high def

Some of you internet savvy folks may have caught a bootleg version of the trailer about a week ago. Today Warner Bros. sent out emails to people on their mailing list announcing that the high def version of the full-length trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” has been released. Enjoy!

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