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“Duck Tales Remastered” announced at PAX East

That’s right folks, after many a year, we are getting a new Duck Tales video game titled “Duck Tales Remastered”. Capcom made the announcement at PAX East stating that a new game based on the widely popular cartoon series from that ran from 1987-1990, for a total of four seasons, is in development by Way …

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SDCC 2012: Deadpool video game announced

That’s right Angry Webbers, The Merc with a Mouth is finally getting his own video game! Not much is known yet except that it will be published by Activision and High Moon Studios. You can go to the official website at www.deadpoolgame.com and and view the countdown. More information will be released at a later time. …

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First footage from “Tron” video game

This video was emailed to us from Spike TV in preparation for the Video Game awards which will be aired live on December 12, 2009. TRON Video Game to Premiere at Video Game Awards 2009! | SpikeTV | SPIKE.com

AW Video Game Review: “Ghostbusters: The Video Game”

It’s been a week since “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” was released and we at AW are going to tell this to you straight out – If you haven’t purchased this for the Playstation 3 or XBox 360 by now, do it. If you don’t want to pay the $60, please rent it. “Ghostbusters: The Video …

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The latest “Ghostbusters 3” details

A few interesting news bits on the long-awaited “Ghostbusters” sequel have been released on slashfilm.  Lately, fan hype over the franchise has been at a peak level with the upcoming June 16th releases of both the “Ghostbusters” blu-ray as well as “Ghostbusters: The Video Game”.  Things definitely seem to be looking up for the the franchise as a …

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The weapons of “Ghostbusters: The Video Game”

IGN has released an awesome new video showcasing the different weapons you’ll be able to use in the highly-anticipated title “Ghostbusters: The Video Game”.  The video features the following weapons: Blast Stream w/ Boston Dart, Slime Blower w/ Slime Tether, Meson Collider w/ Overload Pulse, and Stasis Stream w/ Shockblast. “Ghostbusters: The Video Games” hits …

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