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Opening cinematics released for “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns”

If it’s one thing fans of the “Final Fantasy” franchise have always been able to brag about, it’s the cutting edge cinematics that move the game’s story along. Going all the way back to “Final Fantasy VII”, cutscenes that were animated with the latest and greatest CGI added a realness to the game that had …

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Major Nelson unboxes the Xbox One

The Xbox One has gone through hell and back as far as PR goes this year. From issues with DRM to privacy, Microsoft’s goals with the Xbox One were slammed by gamers all over the internet. After fans threatened to switch their console preference to the PlayStation 4, things quickly changed and Microsoft had reversed …

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New “Avengers” clip shows Scarlett Johansson tied to a chair

A new video released this week becomes a geek’s fantasy as Scarlett Johansson get’s tied down as Scarlett Johansson, her chacter in the “Avengers” movie.

“Assassin’s Creed 3” trailer released

It’s time to party like it’s 1775! Ubisoft has released a new trailer for “Assassin’s Creed 3” and the rumors were true, the game will be taking place in North America during the Revolutionary War. We expect a playable demo sometime around E3. Until then, keep checking in and we’ll bring you the latest on …

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AW Music Review: fun. – Some Nights

This week, the band fun. released their new album “Some Nights” to much acclaim. Some of you may be familiar with fun. as their debut title, “Aim and Ignite” was released in 2009 and some of you may go back even further and remember front man, Nate Ruess’s, previous band The Format. Others may have just …

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Video shows the PlayStation Vita running “Batman: Arkham City”

A new video surfaced on YouTube of a PlayStation Vita owner playing “Batman: Arkham City” and “Battlefield 3” on the handhold console. The 4.0 update to the Vita supports the Remote Play feature in tandem with the PlayStation 3, but we are blown away with how well some of the newer titles are handled.

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