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Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman in “Man of Steel” sequel

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Today it was announced that Gal Gadot has been officially cast as Wonder Woman for the sequel to “Man of Steel”. Fans seems to be reacting both positively and negatively to this news which comes not too long after the controversial decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. In an interview, Snyder said: Wonder Woman …

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Erica Durance as Wonder Woman

You may have geeked out over her when she portrayed Lois Lane in the hit WB show “Smallville” but Erica Durance gives nerds a whole new reason to lock their doors after saying goodnight to their parents. In this week’s episode of “Harry’s Law”, Durance sports the Wonder Woman outfit which was designed for the …

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Batgirl + Catwoman + Wonder Woman = Geekgasm

We have no idea what this commercial is for, but who cares, right?

DC superhero vintage poster collection

Angry Girl Of The Week: Victoria

We are happy to feature Victoria this week as our girl of the week because she has a way of standing out. Her costumes are not only phenomenal but there is a certain darkness to her that I absolutely love. Whether it is the black lipstick in some of her shoots or the macabre tone to others, …

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Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee

"Icons: Jim Lee"

  What to expect if you decide to buy “Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee.” Jim Lee has become the modern marvel in comic books, with his launch on the reboot of X-men with Marvel and now with being the editor in chief of DC comics, Jim Lee has co-founded other …

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