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Opening cinematics released for “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns”

If it’s one thing fans of the “Final Fantasy” franchise have always been able to brag about, it’s the cutting edge cinematics that move the game’s story along. Going all the way back to “Final Fantasy VII”, cutscenes that were animated with the latest and greatest CGI added a realness to the game that had …

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Angry Girl Of The Week: Courtney

Here at Angry Web we aren’t solely about comics and video games. I’ll be the first to admit I am a huge fan of Disney and their recent acquisition of Marvel should give you reason to respect the entertainment powerhouse as well. This week, our Angry Girl’s Tinkerbell costume caught my eye and her pixie-esque look was just too …

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New “Final Fantasy XIII” trailer from Tokyo Game Show

Final Fantasy XIII footage redubbed in English…sort of

IGN has posted footage of characters, Snow and company, from the American version of Final Fantasy XIII.  Enjoy… Final Fantasy XIII at IGN.com

Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Footage At Last

How many more years, months, and days, Square-Enix???  I can’t take it anymore!  (Runs off to replay FFVII for the umpteenth time)

“Final Fantasy XIII” is no longer a PS3 exclusive

Square Enix announced today that their RPG hit, “Final Fantasy” would no longer remain a Sony exclusive. The upcoming “Final Fantasy XIII” will be releasing on both that PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 simultaneously in the US and Europe. If these software companies keep killing exclusive titles, chances are the next generation of gaming …

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